Night Rating


  • Night Rating(A) allows you to fly during night time in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC).
    Flying VFR night is very different from flying VFR day and many pilots find it equally enjoyable.
  • NR(A) is a requirement for IR(A) and CPL(A).

NR(A) is a natural step after completing your PPL(A) to make your Time Building more enjoyable.

Night Rating consists of at least 5 hours of theoretical preparation and a minimum of 5 hours of flight training.
4 hours of practical flight training should be dual, including 1 hour night cross-country navigation exercise – the last hour of practical training must be a Solo flight and must include 5 full stop landings. You will learn how to prepare a Night flight, what is the minimum equipment required and how to handle the airplane during night. You will also review all the basic maneuvers learnt during the PPL(A) training

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