Breaking Aviation’s Glass Ceiling

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, Aero Academy is leading the charge in breaking down gender barriers. The flight school actively encourages and supports female students in their pursuit of aviation careers. Women at Aero Academy are thriving, thanks to an inclusive and empowering environment that recognizes and celebrates their talents. Beyond gender diversity, […]

E6B Flight Computer


When you hear “Flight Computer” you would be forgiven for thinking about modern glass cockpits and navigation aids, but the E6B is the original and is still used in Private Pilot Licence training. Of course, there are digital equivalents but training schools prefer the visualisation benefits of the E6B. What does it do? These flight […]

Enhanced Training – Night Rating

The Night Rating allows you to fly at night in VFR conditions and can be added to your licence. It opens up a whole new world of flying, and, of course, also acts as a safety net should delays make you late home (assuming your airfield is equipped with runway lights)! The training includes theoretical […]

Student Pilot Licences

Congratulations to another class at Aero Academy receiving their Student Pilot Licences. They have already completed some of the nine ground school modules, and now the licence allows them to take to the skies. Agnes Gondwe Eugene Chimuka Frank Gondwe Janice Chomba Kapembwa Stay tuned to follow the progress towards their Private Pilot Licence, and […]

Enhanced Training – Instrument Rating


An Instrument Rating (IR) is a pilot rating earned through intensive training focused on flying solely by reference to instruments. It is arguably one of the most valuable ratings you can add to your pilot certificate and is a fun and challenging discipline of flight training. A well-trained and proficient instrument pilot can fly an […]



Congratulations to Nathan Schmidt on successfully completing his first solo flight in a Cessna 182. He’s well on the way to earning his Private Pilot Licence. “Thank you so much, Aero Academy Team. You made a childhood dream come true and I am so honoured and humbled and grateful” – Nathan Schmidt. You could be […]

Pre-flight checklist

Pre-flight checklist

A pre-flight checklist is a comprehensive list of actions that should be completed by the pilot on every flight, prior to takeoff. All pilots use them, from private pilots flying small single-engined aircraft, to military pilots, right up to airline pilots flying commercially. As a PPL student you will do a walk-around inspection of the […]

Hour building

Hour building

Do you already have your PPL and need to build your hours to the 200 required for a Commercial Pilot Licence? Aero Academy’s fleet of planes is available for hire. We have a Cessna 150, multiple Cessna 182, Piper Cherokee, and a Beechcraft Baron for training purposes. Speak to our team about hourly rates or […]

Ground School – Meteorology

Ground School - Meteorology

This chilly winter weather makes it worth considering another aspect of Ground School – Meteorology. The course covers one of the most important aspects of pre-flight planning, and in-flight decision making, namely: is the weather good enough to fly in? You’ll learn how to read pressure charts and weather forecasts, TAFs (Terminal Area Forecasts) and […]

Forty five years of training experience

Head Of Training

Forty-five years ago today, our Head Of Training successfully graduated from the Central Flying School as a qualified flying instructor. Col. Sikazwe has since clocked up thousands of flying hours and a huge amount of experience that he shares with our student pilots. To find out more about learning to fly visit