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Aero Academy is an accredited and internationally recognised aviation training academy that provides professional aviation training to local and international prospective students who wish to realise their aviation dream.

Aero Academy’s goal is simple – establish the finest and most trusted airline training academy in the industry. There is a high demand for competent, suitable and resilient professionals, which is why we are committed to selecting and developing the most talented trainees in the field.

PPL pilot

Private Pilot Licence

This is where it starts. Once you have your Private Pilot Licence you are entitled to fly for recreational purposes during daylight hours and carry non-paying passengers.

Commercial Pilot Licence

A CPL allows you to be paid to fly commercially in a wide range of career options from local & international airlines, agriculture, transport, NGOs, medical and corporate.


Multi Crew Pilot Licence

To become an airline pilot, you will need an MPL or ATPL. It is specifically tailored to the airline requirements by integrating the airline’s procedures from day one of training.

Our Training Fleet

Fleet of Planes

Five planes from a wider fleet of nearly twenty, are available every day for flight instruction and hour building.

Putting You First

Aero Academy guarantee personal attention with courses designed around your availability, finances, and experience.

Experience is Key

Our instructors have over 90 years combined experience, with tens of thousands of flying hours between them.

No waiting around

Relatively low traffic means you’re not wasting time in queues to take-off; yet still mixing with the airlines at an international airport.

Distance Learning

Gives everybody the opportunity to study their ground school modules and prepare for the exams from anywhere.


Soft skills are essential to your success in the aviation industry. These form an integral part of all our courses.

Course Start Dates

Private Pilots Licence

9th January 2023


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Air experience flights

Air Experience Flights

Take the controls on a trial flight or simply sit back and admire the stunning Zambian countryside. An ideal gift for a loved one, or before starting your Private Pilots Licence for $315 per hour.

Night rating

Enhanced Training

Get qualified to fly at night, an instrument rating, multi-engine or instructor ratings to expand your flying capabilities.

Maintenance Engineer

Maintenance Engineer

Not all aviation careers are in the skies. Skilled engineers keep fleets of planes safe and flying for years. Become a qualified professional.

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Hour building

Hour building

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