Private Pilot Licence

Course is for students who would like to pursue recreational flying. The licence ultimately provides a foundation in which you can further build your skills and progress, if you so desire, on to Commercial levels of flying training.

The PPL course equips students with the knowledge, skills and experience to confidently operate light aeroplanes in daylight and good weather. Each flying session includes a theoretical component or briefing of respectively before and after each flight.

It typically takes 6 months to achieve your Private Pilot Licence.

Flying Hours
Hours Solo Flying
Exam Modules
Skills Test

Ground School Modules

Together with our study guides, integrated training approach and with the aid of our dedicated flight instructors which offer their assistance and guidance you should easily pass the practical applied subjects. The applicant must pass 9 written exams with a minimum of 75% which is the passing score.

Air law

Aircraft technical and general

Flight Performance & Planning

Human Performance



Operational Procedures

Principles of Flight

Radio Telephony


During your PPL training you will learn to do a pre-flight, post flight, take-offs and landings at different airports, how to file a flight plan, interpret weather. Learn how to navigate, all instruments in the aircraft’s cockpit including communication equipment, basic flight manoeuvres and most importantly approved safety and emergency procedures.

Dual flight with an instructor

Solo flight

Cross country navigation

Practical flight & navigation test


17 years or older on qualification

Grade 12 Certificate with passes in English, Maths & Science